Fire & Life Safety

Templeton-Vest will assess your fire protection & life safety needs to design, install and maintain a comprehensive safety solution focused on protecting the lives of your occupants and valuable property.



Early detection and notification is critical to reducing or eliminating fire damage. We consider our vast inventory of alarm and notification options when designing your most effective fire protection solution.

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) – highly sensitive, detects fire at developing stages
  • Smoke Control – limit smoke progression in the event of a fire
  • Emergency voice and alarm systems – audible & visual/indoor or outdoor



We consider your environment and function when recommending the most appropriate suppression methods/devices.

  • Conventional sprinkler systems
  • Waterless or Clean Agent Suppression
  • Portable extinguishers



Simplify staff alerting and accelerate assistance response with a quality nurse call system. Templeton-Vest works with various healthcare and assisted living facilities to provide effective patient/resident to caregiver communication. We offer a variety of alert options, based on your facility’s needs.



Monitor and protect residents at risk of wandering while offering independence and dignity.


Periodic inspections ensure that your systems will function as needed in the event of an emergency. Trust our experienced inspectors to provide timely and thorough inspections and reporting that meet your local fire marshal’s requirements as well as your own safety standards.


Whether we install your fire alarm system or not, Templeton-Vest can provide 24/7 monitoring for your facility(s). Not sure what level of monitoring is necessary for your site? Our Inspections & Monitoring team will help you assess your needs.

Partnering with the most trusted names in fire protection & life safety solutions…